Christopher Jaynes


Christopher recently graduated from NYU, where he received a masters in Media Studies. He's not quite sure what to do with it, but very thankful for his time there and the freedom he was given to explore new topics. While at NYU he was able to pursue a curiosity in digital imagery and the ontological nature of computer animation. He was able to find outlets that encouraged him to study new media and other burgeoning technologies (Twitter and Diaspora). Christopher also earned a BA from Clemson University in Computer Science with a minor in Film Studies. While an undergrad Chris did everything from write his own rendering software to helping direct a play of the novel Jane Eyre.

Christopher married Carla, his High School sweetheart on May 31 2008, after which they both moved to Brooklyn so he could attend NYU. You can see wedding pictures here. When not spending time with her, he is watching films and drinking a pot of tea or two (Oolong is currently his favorite, but this changes often).

Check out his portfolio (link above) for various academic projects or his blog (link below) for more up to date musings and experiments.

Any questions that aren't answered here, or can't be found on his many online identities, can be addressed to Christopher's email found under contact.


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